Temporary Housing For Traveling Medical Staff

When others rely on you to stay healthy, your own well being should be a top priority

As a traveling medical professional, you've probably spent a fair share of nights trying to sleep on the breakroom couch, which you well know only leads to sleepless nights and exhausted workdays. When you're assigned to stay in an unfamiliar city, having a place you can call your own isn't a luxury — it's a necessity that guarantees you'll be able to do your job well. That's why Corporate Connection works hard to provide you with everything you need to turn "a place to stay" into your home away from home.

Wake Up Well-Rested in Upstate SC, Central SC, and Western NC

Our apartments include:

  • Flexible lease terms starting at just 30 days
  • comprehensive furniture and housewares package, with everything from flat screen TVs to dish detergent
  • Cable and wireless internet plans
  • Flat fee billing — everything from your utilities to furniture rental is included in one monthly payment
  • Customization options available to match your unique situation

No matter how many hours you're on your feet, you deserve to come back to a place where you can really relax and unwind — a place that feels like home. Learn more about our flexible housing options for traveling nurses and medical staff and contact us at 1(866) 627-8125, or fill out the form below and one of our specialists will contact you soon!