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Corporate Connection Offers One-Price Simplicitywith an array of choices to fit your needs

Available Packages 

  • 1 Bedroom Packages - $160
  • 2 Bedroom Packages - $210
  • 3 Bedroom Packages - $250

The Corporate Connection Advantage offers no preset packages at different prices. YOU pick what furniture you like. YOU personalize your furniture package or WE can design one for you all for ONE price. If you have any further questions regarding furniture rental, give us a call (864) 627-4002 at or contact us online today!

Rent Your Furniture

Package Prices include Living Room, Dining Room, and Bedroom furniture. *

  • Minimum Lease Term is Three Months
  • Next Day Delivery (most areas)
  • Applicable Delivery Charge Required
  • $35 Application Fee

* Please note: All applicable sales tax will be added.

More information about our furniture rental selections can be found here!

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